10. Coronavirus Update; 10th April

Good afternoon,

I hope that you are all coping well in these difficult times and that the challenges of keeping your children at home and safe are presenting some positives as well as the inevitable difficulties. I have been asked to remind everyone that the Government position on social distancing and home isolation is to ensure that the lock down can be released as quickly as possible. I'm sure that you will have seen on the news the information relating to people finding it difficult to understand that the threat of the virus is very real and that people being out on the streets or in other families homes will increase the rik of the virus spreading to the more vulnerable in society with potentially extremely serious outcomes for an increased number of families. Preventing higher numbers of serious illnesses and fatalities is the reason that the police are currently increasing their attention on identifying the reasons that people are out on the streets and encouraging them to return home if their journey is not essential, including the use of an increasing number of fines being used.

The Government also released new information at the end of last week regarding the issuing of free school meals, and on Tuesday they passed information to schools on how this was to be distributed. The vouchers for pupils eligible for FSM at the RBA were issued on Wednesday and staff have been asked to make sure with parents that the vouchers have been received. Where this is not the case we are able to see when the voucher was issued, to which email / mobile number and when this was 'clicked' so that we can assist you in finding out the point in your voucher's journey to you. From the point of purchase the supermarkets have indicated that it can take 12-48 hours for the voucher to be received, although our system is showing that they generally arrive much sooner than this and usually within a couple of hours. Please check your junk mail first if it doesn't seem to have arrived.

If you position has changed and you are now in receipt of universal credit please visit the peterborough council website (http://www.peterborougheducationnetwork.co.uk/page/?title=Free+School+Meal+Checking&pid=79) to register for FSM as well as your universal credit.

You should all be receiving regular phone calls from staff who are ringing to make sure that your children are happy with the work that they have and to check if there is anything that we can do to support them. The call is also for us to ensure that your children are safe and well and is a requirement of the local authority and so please ask your child to be ready to talk to their teacher each week for an update on their progress. We are currently working on developing a more 'interactive' learning experience and so it will also help us of you could let us know the extent of your child's access to IT and the Internet at home so that we can plan the most appropriate provision for them.

For our primary school children there is a video of support below to help them to understand and cope with the current situation.


Best wishes
S Howard