15. Free School Meals Update; 18th June

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we have now welcomed back into school our year 6 and year 10 pupils along with those pupils who have been accessing school according to the government guidelines throughout the pandemic we have reviewed the arrangements which will be in place for free school meals until the end of term.

  • We will continue to provide free meals to all children coming into school. This is regardless of whether the child is entitled to a free school meal or not.
  • We will provide a FSM voucher for all eligible children not on site. 
  • We will continue to provide a FSM voucher for all eligible children, regardless of whether they are on site or not.

 As you will be aware the government has recently updated their information on free school meals for pupils through the summer holiday period and when information is available on how this will be administered I will send on further details to you.

Yours sincerely

S Howard

Richard Barnes Academy

Senior Leadership