7. Coronavirus Update; Sunday 22nd March

Dear Parents/Carers,

The current advice for parents is;

The for the vast majority of children the safest place to be at this time is at home. Some children will be able to attend school where one of their parents is classified as a 'key worker' and so is unable to supervise their children due to supporting the community and/or country through their work. Most key workers will be able to make alternative arrangements for the supervision of their children, which does not involve them being with other vulnerable people such as grandparents, and so will not need to send their children to school.

The RBA centres are open tomorrow for the children of key workers who cannot be supervised due to the work of their parents/carers and some others who have been invited to attend. For all children who are at home there are activities and work to do at this link. Those without the internet have been given work packs, but if you have not received one please contact your child's Head of Centre. This work should provide sufficient activities for all children up to the Easter break.

We are working to put in place a longer term solution involving on-line tutoring and other work packs for the longer term which will be available after the Easter break until the schools are re-opened.

If you have any further questions regarding the current situation please contact your child's head of Centre in the first instance.

Thank you for your support through this extraordinary time.

Best wishes
S Howard