8. Coronavirus Update; 25th March

Dear Parents/Carers

As you are aware the government has stepped up its action regarding the isolation of families to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This has meant that many workplaces and schools are now either closed or have very few people in them. This action will reduce the spread of the infection only if the children who are not in school remain in their houses and do not come into contact with their friends or any other families. I have been asked to advise you that the home is the safest place for children to be and to request that you keep your children in their homes as much as possible when they are not in school. Currently police are encouraging people to go home if they are out in the streets, but as we have seen, action will be stepped up if this does not have the effect that the government would like in keeping people isolated and providing a safer environment for everyone.

For those children who would normally receive free school meals we have been delivering packed lunches, but today we had been advised that the government voucher scheme would provide the vouchers to the families that we submitted the information on. On behalf of the voucher scheme and the supermarkets I would like to apologise that this did not happen due to the IT systems crashing, and to ensure that pupils receive their meals we will be delivering packed lunches for Thursday and Friday during the early afternoon tomorrow. It would be helpful if there was someone in to collect these from us and allow us to catch up with the pupils as well. I have been informed that the voucher scheme will be in place and working for food from Monday.

Thank you for your understanding through this challenging time for everyone.

Best wishes
S Howard