Whole school progress and achievement data

Judging overall progress and achievement of students with a very wide range of personal needs is complex.  The school roll is highly fluid, number of students in each year group is variable and the cohort size is small.  

While a student’s individual needs are taken into consideration we use a range of indicators to measure progress. These include:

  • The student’s education history including any prior attainment such as KS2 or KS3 SAT scores and attendance.
  • At Key Stage 4 for Maths and English we use FFT Aspire to inform our setting of ‘academic’ targets for students. Initial targets are set against FFT 50 although at any given time a number of our roll do not have an FFT generated initial target.
  • We use a range of baseline assessments on admission to the school including the GL National Group Reading Test, National Group Spelling Test, CAT4 Tests, Exact, Progress Tests in English, Maths and Science and the PASS Survey.
  • Progress made from the time of joining RBA. Our key aims are to address any gaps in core subject understanding and skills. Progress data is collected and analysed on a termly basis and interventions planned at subject level and individual levels for emotional well-being.
  • At the end of each half term parents and carers will receive a School Report detailing their child’s progress and achievement in each curriculum area.
  • Senior/ middle leadership observations.
  • The views of students collated through surveys and student voice meetings.
  • Parent/carer views on the achievements and progress of their child collated during structured conversations.
  • End of Key Stage 4 examination results and analysis. Please see summary tables below.
  • Post-16 destination data.

Please click the link to view Performance Data.

KS2 Data:

By publishing data for our small cohort of children, this may compromise Richard Barnes Academy’s ability to protect pupil identity online. Following the DfE's guidance, data can be available upon request, from office@rjba.education.