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Vision - Richard Barnes Academy PE department are committed to using physical activity and sport as pathways to support the physical, emotional, and social growth of our learners.   

Intent – It is our intent to provide opportunities for our learners to progressively expand their knowledge and skills needed for healthy participation in sport and physical activity. We intend to teach pupils how to communicate effectively, work as part of a team, and develop the core and advanced skills for students to both enjoy their participation in activities and excel in the sporting performance. 

Implementation – Learners at KS3 participate in three lessons weekly, while at KS4 learners participate in two lessons weekly. Our PE curriculum includes a variety of sports to provide learners with different opportunities to thrive, gain confidence, and build resilience. Our teachers will provide personalised learning approaches to make our high-quality lessons accessible and engaging for every student, allowing them to develop physically, emotionally, and socially. To support feedback, teachers will use the holistic Head, Heart, Hands assessment framework to provide formative and summative feedback and to provide opportunities for learners to self-reflect. 

Impact - We believe that as a PE department we can positively influence behaviour and learning across the school through the power of sport and physical activity.  Through healthy participation, intra-school competitions, and sports leadership opportunities, learners will be motivated to take ownership and responsibility for leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. We are giving students the means and understanding to use sport as a physical and mental outlet that they will be able to use in their current and future lives.