Trinity Campus

Welcome to Trinity Campus - Secondary Programme
Honeyhill, Paston, Peterborough, PE4 7DR

Centre contact number: 01733 978224
Head of Centre and Safeguarding Lead: Mohammed Damani
Deputy Head of Centre: Mark Redhead 
Administrator: Pam Ellis

Age and stage
Trinity Campus is for pupils aged 13-16 years, who are in school years 9 – 11.  

Admissions process 
All new pupils and their parents / carers are invited to attend an initial meeting and from this the most appropriate provision is identified. This also provides a first opportunity for individual needs to be identified. 
There will then be an admission meeting with the senior staff at the Campus. This is a second opportunity for pupils and their parents/carers to share any concerns they may have, ask questions and meet staff and pupils. Alongside the meeting with the member of staff at the Campus, there will be an opportunity for Parents/Carers to see the site and for the timetable to be discussed.

School times
Monday – Friday 9.20am – 3.10pm

Free breakfast is available from 9.00am each morning and pupils need to register by 9. 20am
Lessons last for 45 mins each, with 2 lessons before breaktime, followed by 2 lessons before lunch and 2 after lunch before ending the day. For the morning break, some snacks will be provided. 
A free lunch is also provided for all students.  Students are welcome to bring their own lunch. 

At various times of the school year we run additional after school activities such as sport or music and at exam times we offer revision sessions in core subjects. 

As we are a Citywide provision many of our pupils are eligible for a bus pass on either grounds of distance or welfare. Information will be provided at the admission meeting.

Free School Meals 
Many of our pupils qualify for Free Schools Meals and the Pupil Premium Funding this brings into school. Please bring evidence of entitlement to the admissions meeting.

Pupils wear a uniform which consists of black trousers/skirt, a white shirt and a school jumper with the school logo. Footwear is black shoes or black trainers as long as they are completely black.

Pupil expectations  
On arrival at their campus  ALL pupils are expected to hand in their personal possessions and these are secured in an individual bag in a locked cupboard in reception for the duration of the school day and returned at home time.

We have a whole school set of pupil rights and responsibilities.

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Teaching and Learning                                                                                                                              All our staff are dedicated to enabling our pupils to develop their full potential whilst recognising many of our pupils have had difficult, and often quite negative, experiences of education before coming to us. Being a specialist setting we are able to spend time getting to know each pupil as an individual and working with them to recognise and challenge their barriers to learning.

Our teaching groups are very small in comparison to mainstream, on average 6 pupils per group with at least two staff, so there is ample opportunity to individual attention and support.

Curriculum                                                                                                                                                  Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs and interests of our pupils, develop their full personal and academic potential and prepare them for post-16 learning and employment opportunities.

We offer a range of accredited qualifications that are recognised by Colleges and employers and there are also opportunities to engage in work experience placements and a range of enrichment activities including Sports Leadership, the National Citizenship Scheme and Duke of Edinburgh.                                  


Behaviour, Welfare and Personal Development


Good attendance and punctuality are essential if pupils are to achieve the maximum benefit from their time at the Academy and these are also key skills for the world of work.

Pupils who arrive late receive a 30 minute detention which is set for the end of the school day. This encourages good attendance and minimises potential disruption for students in class working.

Where there are persistent attendance issues we work in partnership with parents and carers to resolve them effectively.  

For full details please see our *Attendance Policy* in the Policies section.

Behaviour                                                                                                                                                  Good behaviour for Learning is also essential and whilst we recognise many of our pupils have additional challenges we have a clear and consistent approach to behaviour in school, which is built on the foundations of our pupil rights and responsibilities.

We have a single school rule : RESPECT : FOR SELF, OTHERS AND PROPERTY

We have a strong restorative approach to incidents of unacceptable behaviour but we do also issue Fixed Term Exclusions where an incident is a serious breach of our school Behaviour Policy.

For full details please see our *Behaviour Policy* in the Policies section.


We have a team of school nurses and also invite other health and care professionals into school to work directly with pupils.

Please ask at any point during your time with us, if you would like to speak to one of our practitioners.

Assessment and Additional Support                                                                                                      All pupils have their literacy and numeracy levels assessed on entry and this determines their individual start point and learning group in these subjects. We are then able to set individual progress and attainment targets.

We assess pupil progress every 6 weeks and any emerging support needs will be addressed.

Some pupils qualify for additional support with exams.

Some pupils require more specialist assessment and where required we will work with parents/carers and professionals to ensure this is undertaken.

For full details please see our *SEND and Disability Policy* in the Policies section.

Banned items/Substances                                                                                                                      We have a “zero tolerance” approach to substances and weapons in school. Coming into school under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in possession of alcohol, drugs or drugs paraphernalia will result in the minimum of a Fixed Term Exclusion.

Any pupil found dealing drugs in school, in the vicinity of school, or to other school pupils outside of school will be removed from the Learning Centre and the Police will be informed.

Weapons                                                                                                                                                        We have a “zero tolerance” approach to weapons in school. Bringing a weapon into school will result in the minimum of a Fixed Term Exclusion, pending review of placement.

Any pupil found dealing drugs will be removed from the Learning Centre and the Police will be informed.

As a protective measure for all pupils, and a clear deterrent, we use a metal detecting wand at our secondary Centres as a standard part of our daily routine.

Cigarettes                                                                                                                                                      All pupils are asked to hand in personal items, including any cigarettes, on their arrival at school and have these secured and returned to them at the end of the school day.

We actively encourage pupils not to smoke through a combination of an extensive curriculum and an accessible smoking cessation programme delivered in school by health professionals.

Energy drinks                                                                                                                                              We have a ban on energy drinks in school due to their negative impact on behaviour and high sugar content. If your child arrives in school with an energy drink it will be confiscated.

Diversity statement                                                                                                                                    In our school each and every child, and adult, matters as a unique individual. We exist as a school to ensure all pupils have equal opportunity to access, and actively participate in, a learning and personal development programme which challenges and overcomes their barriers, builds on their strengths and successes, enables and empowers them to understand and achieve their potential and equips for further learning and life.

We do not tolerate discrimination in any form and actively respect, value and celebrate individuality and diversity across the whole school community.

Safeguarding statement                                                                                                                            In our school each and every child, and adult, has the right to be and feel safe. We have health and safety, wellbeing and safeguarding at the heart of all we do.

We are a Listening School where safeguarding is everyone’s business and we actively promote a whole school culture of openness, respect and vigilance.

All adults have annual Safeguarding and Prevent training and each Centre has a nominated Safeguarding Lead.