Richard Barnes Academy School Uniform Policy

We believe good standards of dress and personal presentation promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour and identify learners to local residents and future employers as members of an efficient organisation. The co-operation of all parents and carers is expected to ensure that learners are in correct uniform at all times.

Please note: the Academy makes the final decision as to what is or is not acceptable in all aspects of a learner’s appearance.

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Academy Jumper

Academy jumper with RBA logo, sleeves rolled down.

No other jumper permitted

White Shirt

Formal plain white with stiff collar (short or long sleeved). Always tucked in with only the top button allowed to be undone.

White school polo shirt.


Black trousers, black trouser-style shorts, or black skirt

Plain, formal, loose-fitting school style trousers. Full length down to shoes.




Black trouser-style shorts to the knee.


Knee length formal skirt.

No skin-tight/stretchy/slim-fit trousers; no jeans. No trousers above the ankle or any form of cropped/turned up trousers. No modifications of trousers should be made.

No other shorts permitted.


No other skirts permitted.

Winter coat

Academy jumper must be worn underneath. Coats only to be worn outside the Academy building.

No hooded tops, jackets, or sweatshirts to be worn over jumpers or in the Academy building.


Black trainers or sensible shoes.

No boots or sandals are permitted.

Jewellery / Accessories

One watch, one small pair of stud earrings in earlobe only.

Discreet, natural makeup.

No false/acrylic nails or nails with bright designs/colours.

No other visible jewellery is permitted.




Hair accessories should be functional and discreet.

Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. No hats or bandanas allowed. No logos, tramlines, or ‘shaved designs.’

Earphones / Mobile phones

No earphones/mobile phones. These should be handed into school staff when learners arrive at school in the morning.


Face coverings

Plain coloured / patterned. 

In line with government guidance, face coverings are no longer mandatory in schools. However, should learners choose to wear one their decision will be respected. 

No writing or inappropriate images.

Additional information

Students have the option of wearing a plain black kameez, hijab, or turban.

PATKA – Plain BLACK only.

No patterns or decorations permitted.

All learners who arrive at the Richard Barnes Academy will be provided with a school jumper. Replacement jumpers, branded polo shirts, and PE kit can be purchased from Kitman UK: Richard Barnes Academy Archives - KitmanUK. Shirts, trousers etc. can be purchased from any suitable clothing shop.