Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Statement 


The Pupil Premium grant was introduced in April 2011 by the coalition Government to address issues which adversely affect student achievement in school that have been shown to be linked to disadvantage and deprivation. The grant is based on the number of children registered for Free School Meals at any point in the last six years and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months and children of service personnel. It is the responsibility of the Academy to decide how this money should be spent to support students, with the purpose of boosting pupil attainment of this group.

 Whilst there is an absolute expectation in mainstream educational settings that this is tracked and evaluated in terms of enhancing outcomes for specified individual learners, within an alternative provision setting, and given the high volume of pupils attracting this funding, we are allowed to use this for activities to benefit all pupils.  

In 2018/19 our initial Pupil Premium Grant was calculated at £128,820 in year, though this is subject to in year adjustments

We operate as a single school across two Key Stage related Campuses and our Pupil Premium Grant is used effectively across the whole school to enhance participation in learning and maximise opportunities for success. It funds a number of actions and activities which benefit all pupils. These include;

• Free breakfast and breaktime snacks for ALL pupils at both Campuses as part of our commitment to starting the day the right way and improving concentration, behaviour and promoting positive participation in learning as well as a socially and emotionally nurturing experience  

• Initial assessment activities for all new pupils as part of our commitment to providing an accurate baseline from which to start tracking and monitoring their individual progress as well as good quality assessment for learning information for teaching staff, enabling them to provide highly differentiated, quality first teaching and learning from the first point of contact 

• Personalised interventions and/or further assessments for those pupils who require them. Our experience is that over 50% of pupils with English as a first language will arrive with us with a reading age more than two years below their chronological age, and a similar percentage will arrive with such significant gaps in their learning they need remedial support in order to progress to Age Related Expectations. We also undertake more specialist assessments for specific learning needs.                                    

• Funding for a school Attendance Officer as part of our commitment to safeguarding, welfare and improving outcomes. 

• Funding A Progression and Work Experience Co-ordinator at KS4 as part of our commitment to raising aspirations and increasing participation in learning post-16

For children who are Looked After their Pupil Premium funding is used effectively to enhance their outcomes and actions and activities are agreed, and monitored, through PEP meetings. Examples include; purchase of specialist equipment for pupils with additional needs, provision of additional individual tuition and funding for participation in enrichment activities.

We have received a Primary PE and Sports Premium of £13,916 and this has been used to enable pupils to access off site activities such as a sailing course at Ferry Meadows, and swimming lesson, participate in regional sports activities with other schools and purchase team kit and sports equipment for use in school. A small element of it has also supported the development of a cross phase Sports Leaders programme with our KS4 pupils and in the Summer Term we will be enhancing the external play equipment.